Become an Authorized EZ-Niches® Distributor!

EZ-Niches develops practical solutions for those tile installation challenges that commonly face contractors, builders, and homeowners.


By stocking EZ-Niches® products, you:

  • Provide your customers with the products necessary to complete their projects.
  • Help your customers produce long-lasting installations, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Generate more sales by supplying a complete tile installation package.
  • Displaying EZ-Niches® products will demonstrate to your customers your understanding of what is required for a successful tile installation.


For more information on becoming an Authorized EZ-Niches® Distributor, contact us:

1130 Revere Ave
San Francisco, CA  94124

Tel.: +1-415-822-8698 or 1-800-986-1280
Fax: +1-415-822-8499

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